By default, the theme does not provide an option to mark listings as "Sold." However, you can use custom fields to allow your forms to select between "Active" and "Sold." You can also display this label on the ad card and remove all "Sold" listings from the main search form if desired. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to handle this case.

1. Create a New Field

Go to your theme settings and create a new custom field.

Select the field type as "Taxonomy" and name it, for example, "Offer Type." Refer to the image below for guidance. Click "Add Field."

2. Add 2 options to "Offer Type" - Active and Sold

Hover over "Ads" and select "Offer Type" (your newly created field) from the dropdown menu.

Add two types of offers: "Active" and "Sold."

3. Display newly created field as Ad Cards Labels

Visit Elementor Site Settings

Choose "Ad Card."

Select the "Label type" as "Default" and configure Item 1 as "Featured" and Item 2 as "Offer Type."

Item #1

Item #2

Now, the offer type value will be displayed on your ad cards.

4. Edit the "Sold" Term

Go back to the screen Ads > Offer Type

Edit the "Sold" term.

You will find three new settings. The first, "Do not show as card label," can be useful in other contexts (e.g., check it later for the "Active" term if you do not need the "Active" label to be displayed). More importantly, you will see controls for Card Label Text Color and Card Label Background Color. For the "Sold" label, set these as desired. For example, you might choose a black background with light red text color as shown below.

5. Mark an Ad as Sold

Edit any ad you wish via the front-end or backend panel and select the "Sold" option from "Offer Type."

From now on, your ad card will display the "Sold" label.

6. Exclude Sold Ads from Main Search Form

Visit the Listivo Panel > Search. Choose "Sold" in the "Exclude From Search" option. This ensures that sold ads do not appear in the main search results but remain accessible via direct links or search engines like Google, avoiding 404 errors.

We plan to add more options related to "Sold" in the future, such as displaying it on the ad cards in the front-end panel "My Ads" page to quickly mark it. For now, these additional options are not available. You can only use general custom field options, such as changing the order of this field, making it required, adding a hot tip next to it, etc.