Improve your monetization system by providing free options to users. This helps grow your ad database faster and motivates users to buy paid promotions later. Explore these options and choose the best one for your website:

  • Always-Free Package - users can add an unlimited number of ads for free
  • One-Time Free Registration Package - users receive a free package upon registration 
  • Free Monthly Subscription - users receive a free package every 30 days 
  • Custom WooCommerce Coupons

1. Always-Free Package

Configure the Always-Free Package with these steps:

When users add ads, this option will appear first. In this example, the Ad Duration is set to 3 days, the ad is not featured, and it is not automatically bumped.

In summary, the Always-Free Package allows users unlimited access.

2. One-Time Free Registration Package

This option exclusively targets newly registered users without affecting existing accounts. As a result, upon registration, you can provide new users with a free package containing a limited number of ads.

After using their free ads, users must purchase a new package to add more ads. In this case, once the three ads are added, users cannot add more listings for free. For your users, it will appear like this:

3. Free Monthly Subscription

Enable the Free Monthly Subscription option by connecting your website to Stripe (Stripe configuration) . Users will receive a free package every 30 days, as shown in the configuration example below:

In this configuration, users receive three ads upon registration, displayed for seven days. After 30 days, they receive another three ads. If a user does not use their three ads, they will have a total of six ads to add the following month. The user panel displays the following information:

Users can view when their package will regenerate by clicking the subscription name or visitng "Settings."

4. Custom WooCommerce Coupons

Offer your users coupons for purchasing packages as an alternative. This feature is compatible only with the "Packages" feature (WooCommerce) and not with subscriptions. WooCommerce recently relocated the "Coupon" tab, so check both possible locations:



In either case, the Coupons panel appears as shown below, and you can add a coupon in this manner: 

Set up the coupon according to your preference, such as assigning a 100% discount:

During the checkout process, users can enter the coupon code by clicking a link:

After clicking "click here to enter your code," users will see the following window

Upon entering the code, users will receive this notification:

The pricing will update accordingly:

In this example, the total is 0 because the entered coupon code provided a 100% discount.