Before we start with the types of the fields, some background information about common settings.


All fields have passibility to check 'is Required' - thanks to this, you cannot add a listing without this field.

'Slug' is automatically added to each field. You can change it if you want. A slug is the URL part that explains the page's content.

'Multilevel' is an option that allows you to select more than one category for the listing. For example, your listing can be found. 

The field Input Placeholder gives a short hint that describes the expected value of an input field. The short hint is displayed before the user enters a value in the input field. For example, additional information for the user should be entered in the field.

'Who can see this field on the single listing page?' and 'Who can fill out this field on the frontend panel?' allow you to control visibility depending on the type of user.

You can also hide chosen fields depending on the categories. In 'Hide Terms', you simply select categories. For example, the salary field is not used in apartments, boats, or cars.