This article will walk you through the verify phone number of your users. 

The initial action to take is to input Twilio credentials. This article provides all the details necessary for the configuration.

If you want to use that function, add Verify service SID number to Twilio credentials and mark the check box by the Phone verification field.

Remember to configure the country code - here you will find more information. 

How it works?

New users will receive the token to enter before using their account. Remember to set the phone number as required.

For existing users with phone numbers, the system will ask them for phone verification after they enter their panel. If they want to change their number, they can do it on that step. 

For existing users without phone numbers - after they enter their panel, the system will ask to enter their phone number. The next step will be phone verification. 

You can check if the phone number is verified on users -> choose user profile.