Listivo Theme uses Twilio API to send a notification to your users. To start working, you need to provide a little information to Listivo Panel and use full functionality. This article will walk you through the steps of configuring your Twilio account. After reading, you will know how to get Twilio's credentials to send sms to users.

1. Go to Twilio and sign up. If you already have the account, log in and go to point number 7.

2. To create a free account, enter only the following details.

3. Check your email account and confirm your account.

4. In the next step, verify your phone number. 

5. In the end, get a Twilio phone number - this number will be needed to send sms to users.

6. Congrats, you got a phone number. Now you have all the credentials to configure sms gate for your website.

7. Your Twilio account info is visible at the bottom of the console.

8. To use phone verification for your users, you need to obtain a Verify Service SID from Twilio. To do this, go to the search form on the right side of the page and search for "verify". Select the first result that appears.

9. Now you can create a service.

10. Enter a name for the new service.

11. Your service SID is ready. No need to go any further. 

12. Copy your Account info to wp-admin -> Listivo Panel -> Notification -> Twilio and save changes.

13. Now your sms notifications will work. Remember, if you still have a Twilio trial account, you can send notifications only to verified phone numbers. 

14. It is essential that the user has their phone number in their profile, including the country code, in order for the service to function correctly.