This article will walk you through the first steps of configuring notifications for your website. 

1. Requirments

2. Adding new notification

3. System messages

4. Logs

5. Twilio integration

1. Requirements

To enable notifications, it is essential to set up the WP Cron System (cron jobs) for your WordPress theme. If you have not yet completed this process, kindly refer to the following guide for detailed instructions: WP-Cron system 

2. Adding new notification

You can create a new notification by navigating to the Listivo Panel, selecting 'Notifications', and then clicking on the 'Add New Notification' button.

To create a new notification, navigate to the Listivo Panel, select 'Notifications', and click on the "Add New Notification" button. Assign a name to your new notification, choose the notification type (Email, SMS (Twilio), or both), select the desired trigger, and click "Add Notification" button

You will now see a list of available tags associated with the chosen trigger, along with additional fields for Mail Title, Mail Body, and SMS (if selected in the previous step).

3. System Messages

Listivo features three system messages:

- Confirmation Email

- Reset Password

- Change Email

By using tags, you can personalize these messages before sending them.

4. Logs

You can monitor all notifications and check their statuses through the logs.

5. Twilio Integration

Enter your Twilio account details (only the first three fields are required for notifications). Follow this guide for instructions on obtaining these details: Twilio - first steps