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This roadmap was designed at the beginning of 2023 to give you an overview of upcoming changes. The roadmap may change and we cannot guarantee everything will be included in the future. Please consider we will also add many other small options that are too small to include on the roadmap.

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New Notification System and SMS notifications

DONE - Listivo 2.2.0 - 25.01.2023

Added: New Flexible Notification System

- Send SMS notifications via Twilio

- Create your own sms/email notifications based on triggers

- New trigger: User registration (for admin)

- New trigger: Featured expired    

- New trigger: The ad will expire soon

- New trigger: The ad has expired

- Notification Log - view what Listivo is sending

Verify User Phone Number

DONE - 2.2.2 - 30.01.2023

Added: Require users to verify phone number option (Listivo Panel > Settings > Twilio)

Phone Country Code Select by User

DONE - 2.2.7 - 8.02.2023

Added: Phone Country Code Select

Monetization System - subscriptions / recurrent payments

DONE - 2.3.0 - 24.03.2023

Added: Listivo Panel > Monetization - Subscription Payments via Stripe

Please consider this feature was just released. Thanks to that it is possible to charge users every 1 month automatically via Stripe and create free plans. We are very open to add more options related to this functionality. Please feel free to send us your feedback on what can be improved via support@tangibledesign.net and our developers will use your insight to improve this functionality

Email Notification Template

DONE - 2.3.2 - 30.03.2023

Added: Email Notification  Template - Listivo email will look much better now and you can customize it fully by editing HTML template file - wp-content/themes/listivo/templates/mail/base.php - if you decide to change this file, please remember to keep it in the Child Theme to be future update compatible

User Panel > Add Ad - fully flexible to reorder fields

DONE 2.3.3 – 31.03.2023

Added: Elementor "Panel" Widget - you can build your own order of the fields on the "Add ad" page inside the widget's settings

Disables the ability for users to create ads by User Type

DONE 2.3.4 – 4.04.2023

Listivo Panel > User Panel > Private Account / Business Account - Option to "disables the ability for users to create ads, purchase payment packages, or use subscriptions"

Field icons on ad cards

Done 2.3.5 - 5.04.2023

Added: Design Settings > Ad Card - Attribute - Choose Field Icon


Done 2.3.8 - 12.04.2023

Added: RTL languages support e.g. Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu

Reviews and Comments

Done 2.3.39-2.3.41 - 01.12.2023

Added: Single Ad Review Module

Added: User Reviews module

Map Improvements

a) Map Design 2 - Map 100% Width with a button "List View" that will hide the map and display the list

b) Map Design V3 - 1/3 Search Form + 1/3 List + 1/3 Map

c) Free alternative for Google Autocomplete to make theme works fully without Google Maps API Key

Message System Improvements

Listivo will allow a conversation about "ad" and user will have option to remove the conversation by clicking "trash icon"

New Demos and designs

Below you can see some graphic work in progress. We plan to create a lot of new niche demos and add more options to existing demos

a) Yacht Demo

b) Construction Demo

c) New hompeages

d) Places Ad Example

e) other graphic changes e.g. rebuilding the user ad page

More Monetization System Improvements

We think about new ways to display "Featured" (e.g. random 3 on top of search results) and micropayments options (e.g. users can upload 5 images, but if they pay more can upload 20 images)

Ad ID Flexibility

More flexibility to have a unique ID for each Ad.

New Custom Field

New types of custom fields e.g. "Date", "Single image" and "Business Hours"

Hide Phone Number Publicity

Possibility to view phones only by registered users. When someone unregistered clicks "hidden phone number" e.g. 123******", they will see a login popup to register

Verified Badge

We plan to allow the admin to show some additional badges for users' profiles.

Integrating login/registration into the "Add Ad" page

Possibility to display at the end of the "Add Ad" section with contact information that will create accounts for not logged-in users

Multilanguage support

Possibility to use more than 1 language at the same time. 

Thank you for reading our road map. Please feel free to send us any feedback to support@tangibledesign.net and we will do our best to improve our product in the future!

Please rate Listivo 5 stars if you like it (https://themeforest.net/downloads). Your review will help us develop a better product with more options and demos. Thank you very much!