This article will teach you how to order categories. 

The best way to order categories and taxonomy terms is to use Custom Taxonomy Order By Marcel Pol. Listivo has integration with a free version of this plugin. 

Use this link to download the plugin -

Go to wp-admin -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin -> Choose file (find the previously downloaded file) and Install Now. 

Activate the plugin and visit settings:

You can drag and drop categories. You will see list of all taxonomies; you can rearrange it:

e.g. I moved Ferrari to top

and clicked the Update Order button to save changes


Now, to use this custom order, you need to edit the page via Elementor Page builder, find field (e.g. on the search form) and find "Taxonomy order" and select "Custom". The field "Custom Order" must be empty (so it will use the order of terms from this plugin above).

and as you can see Ferarri will be on top