If you wish to import listings from your XML or CSV file you can use Free version of WP All Import Plugin.

In this article, we will show how it works. Please consider each XML / CSV file can be little different. If you have any problem with import you can always contact our developers here.

1. Install Free WP All Import Plugin. You can find it here

2. Visit Plugin

3. Click “Upload a file”

4. Select “Listings” and click the “Continue to Step 2” button

5. Please select only elements you wish to import. Here we have a sample database of cars: 

6. “Drag and drop” variables from right column to field where you wish to import it e.g.

A. Start with Name and Description

B. Copy fields e.g. Price

C. Drag and drop “Taxonomies” e.g. “Body Type” / “Condition” ( Info: please do not worry about Parent > Child relation now e.g. Make (BMW) > Model (X7) – you will activate it at the end

7. “Drag and drop” Gallery Images URLs.

Firstly to make it easier extend area where you will add links

Original vehicle XML we use has up to 50 images. The best option will be to import only “full images”, because thumbnails will be created automatically during import. Usually the image paths will look similar to screen below (number 1-50 in the urls are referring to first, second, third… 50th image in gallery) 

You can find more information about importing images here:

Importing Images From URLs

Importing Images From Your Server

Importing Images From Your Computer


8. Continue to Step 4

9. Click “Auto-detect”

10. Please make sure “In each iteration, process 1 record” option is selected 

11. Click “Continue” button

12. Click “Continue & Run Import” button

13. Wait

14. Done 

15. If you have some Parent > Child relation e.g. Make (BMW) > Model (X7), please click this button: 

16. Visit your search page to check if the import was done correctly.

If there is any problem, probably it is related to the fact that the server is stopping the import process. Please check this article to fix it: https://www.wpallimport.com/documentation/troubleshooting/terminated-imports/

Please consider If your images are not importing as expected, the cause is almost always that the URLs you specified don’t actually point to valid images.