This article explains how to fully translate custom fields (e.g., Category, Price), their placeholders (e.g., Choose Category) on the search form, add ad form, and taxonomy options.

Field Names

To translate field names:

Visit Listivo Panel > Custom Fields and edit each field.

 You will see options to translate it and translate its slug (part of the URL).

2. Translating Field Options

To translate options, e.g., Category options:

Visit wp-admin, hover over Ads, and select the field options you wish to change. 

Then edit each term. You can also remove the old ones and create new ones.

3. Translating Placeholders on the Add Ad Form

When you edit each field in the Listivo Panel > Custom Fields, you will find the "Input Placeholder" option. For example, if you set it like this:

It will change the text when posting an ad for that particular field.

The subcategory placeholder for a multilevel taxonomy can also be customized. If you are on the front-end panel Add Ad form and you select Category: Real Estate, the next field will show options.

Visit wp-admin, hover over Ads, select Category, 

then edit Real Estate and set a new placeholder.

This will be used on your front-end Add Ad page after selecting Real Estate.

Translate Search Placeholders

To translate placeholders on the Search Form, visit the page via Elementor. You can do this for all fields.