The Auto-Generate Ad Title feature lets you choose fields that will automatically create your ad titles. This helps you display data in a structured way. For example, you can set titles to be made from Make + Model + Year. This will be also used for your ads slugs so it in case for example you client add BMW X7 2019, it will generate slug /ad/bmw-x7-2019/

To choose fields used for automatic generated title, go to Listivo Panel > SEO > Auto-Generate Ad Titles.

When enabled, each ad page and ad card will display titles like this:

Your users will not have access to type ad names on their front-end panel. The Ad Name field will disappear and only other fields will be available, as shown below.

Please note that you can select multiple fields in the Listivo Panel > SEO > Auto-Generate Ad Title option. If a particular field is not filled in (because it is not required), it will not be used in the ad titles.