Listivo enables you to set the menu transparency to enhance your site's visual appeal. You can easily toggle this feature on or off as needed. For instance, to modify the transparency settings on the Home page:

1. Open the page in Elementor.

2. Access the page settings by clicking the cog icon.

3. Scroll to find the "Transparent Menu" option, where you can select Yes or No.

After you enable it, the menu will be displayed on top of your first section, creating a transparent menu effect.

It's important to consider certain scenarios when using a transparent menu. Typically, if your website features a white menu with dark font, and the top of your homepage includes a dark image or background, switching to a light layout is advisable. This layout adjusts the menu to display white fonts, making it visually effective against darker backgrounds. This is a common setup in our demo examples where transparent menus are used. When the transparent menu is enabled, the 'Light' layout is activated, and it reverts to the normal layout when transparency is turned off. The control to switch between these layouts is located just below the "Transparent Menu" setting.