The Menu CTA (Call to Action) button is a feature in the Listivo theme's menu that encourages user interaction. Here are the key options available for configuring the CTA button:

  • Display or hide the CTA button
  • Change the link 
  • Set custom text
  • Change the icon
  • Modify the style (choose from 2 global styles)
  • Convert the CTA button to display a phone number

How to Configure the CTA Button

To configure the basic settings of the CTA button, navigate to the Listivo Panel and then to Menu. There, you can:

1. CTA Button - Display or hide it

2. CTA Button Link - Set the redirect page

3. Custom CTA Button Text - Specify the text for the button

For more detailed customizations, go to the Listivo Panel and select Templates. Choose the Layout you want to modify, and edit the menu widge. 

Here, you will find additional options:

4. CTA Button Icon - Customize the icon

5. Type - Switch between a button and a text phone number

6. CTA Button Style - Change to your second predefined style in the Site Settings, for example, to blue with white text

What is not included:

For additional customizations, such as changing the button style to something other than one of the global options, or altering its position on mobile devices, custom coding that goes beyond the scope of the theme will be required. You may also consider using a different menu widget by another author if you find suitable solutions. This theme covers the above options, and the menu is just one of its elements. We strive to add as much flexibility as possible and will consider more options in the future. However, it is technically not possible to cover all possible menu scenarios, and we appreciate your understanding.