In Listivo, the suggestions provided by Google in the Location field dropdown can be tailored to suit your specific needs via the 'Input Type' control. This customization allows you to control the precision of location data that users can input when placing ads. Follow these steps to configure the Location field:

a) Front-end Panel

b) Back-end Panel

Steps to Customize:

1. Navigate to the Listivo Panel and select Custom Fields.

2. Edit the Location Field.

3. Find the "Input Type" (not "Search Type") control to view the available options provided by Google.

Options for Location Input:

  • Geocode: Allows users to input both general and specific location details. Ideal for precise location pinpointing on maps.
  • Establishment: Optimizes location inputs for specific businesses or institutions. When enabled, this option limits autocomplete suggestions to established business names and notable places. This feature is particularly useful for ads that need to be associated with a precise business location, such as promotions specific to a retail store, professional services in a certain office building, or events held at particular venues.
  • Cities: Restricts input to city names. Suitable for ads intended for broader city-level audiences.
  • Regions: Enables input for larger areas like counties, states, or provinces. Good for ads that target regional audiences.
  • Address: Allows for the most detailed input, including street names and numbers. Perfect for highly specific locations such as real estate listings.

Experiment with these settings to discover the best option that matches your users' needs and enhances the effectiveness of ad placements. Tailoring these options helps ensure that the location data entered is relevant and useful for the ads.