You can enable a feature that requests a user's location. If they consent, their address will be automatically filled in the Location field, enabling them to search for ads within a specified radius, such as 30 miles (this radius can be adjusted by the user). 

To set this up, edit any page that includes the location field via Elementor; this could be on your homepage or the search results template.

1. Edit the page where the Location Field is present via Elementor.

2. Select the option to 'Automatically ask for the current user location.'

From then on, when a new user visits the page, their browser will prompt them to share their location.

If the user agrees to share their location, the field will be automatically populated with their address, as estimated by Google Maps.

Please note that this prompt is a browser feature. If someone decides to 'Block' this request, you cannot directly ask them again. Instead, they must manually enable it. For example, on a Mac using Chrome, this can be done by clicking the crossed pin icon. This action opens a window where they can enable the feature, as illustrated in the example below. Note that this window may vary depending on the operating system and browser.