If your website operates in only a few countries, you can configure Google Maps autocomplete to limit suggestions to a maximum of five countries. By default, autocomplete suggests locations from all countries.

Go to the Listivo Panel > Custom Fields and edit the Location Field.

Search for and select the country you want to focus on, such as the United States of America.

Now, autocomplete will only suggest results from the United States or any other countries you have selected.

Enhanced Feature for Single-Country Operations

For those operating within a single country, we have integrated a special feature that omits the country name from the text address. Once the location setting is configured to one country, the address will no longer show the country name (e.g., no 'USA' at the end) as long as it is added via the front-end panel. This option is not available in the backend.

Test this feature by adding an advertisement via the front-end ad form. On cards and single listing pages, addresses will no longer display the country name at the end.

The format will change as follows:

Note on Limitations

- Please consider limiting the map to selected countries does not restrict the map's zoom capabilities; it is still possible to zoom out fully. 

- Adding an address via the backend, even if configured for one country, will still append the country name at the end.