Introduction to Search Radius in Listivo

Listivo includes a feature called "Search Radius" that enhances how users find ads on your website via Google Autocomplete.

Understanding Google Autocomplete's Role

When you use Google Autocomplete for places like "New York" or "New Orleans," Google Autocomplete suggests these names as points on the map (exact longitude/latitude), not as the exact area of these cities. Because these suggestions are single points, they might not be very helpful when you want to search for ads over a specific area. This is where the Search Radius feature becomes useful.

How Search Radius Works

The Search Radius feature allows you to set a default distance around the point Google Autocomplete identifies. This could be in kilometers or miles, for example, 10 km or 10 miles. This setting determines how far from the point Listivo will search for ads. You will find it in the Listivo Panel > Settings > Maps. You can set your preferred default search distance using these two controls.

Configuring Search Radius Settings

The Search Results page allows you to configure values for it. You just need to visit Listivo Panel > Templates > Search Results Page and edit your active template.

Then, inside the widget, you choose values:

The Importance of Consistency in Values

For the best experience, we strongly recommend ensuring that the 'Initial Radius Value' within the widget, where the Location Search Field is located, matches one of the 'Radius Values' in the Widget. Additionally, this value should correspond to the setting in the Listivo Panel > Maps. This alignment is the default setup following demo import.