We are thrilled to introduce the ability to enable reviews for your single ad page in Listivo 2.3.39. This new feature offers more interaction with your audience.

1. How to Unlock This Module

To activate this module, simply:

- Enable it in the Listivo Panel under Settings > Reviews.

- Add the "Ad Reviews" widget to your single listing page.

2. Configuring Review Options

Let's start by exploring the panel options. Navigate to Listivo Panel > Settings > Reviews. Here, you will see all available options. After selecting 'Allow Guest Review', you will enable anyone to add a review to your website. This is a common feature, but consider turning on moderation simultaneously to protect against spam. In the subsequent options, you can set the minimum and maximum length for reviews. You can also enable image upload for each review and choose enable voting on reviews (this includes an additional review sorting option: "Most Helpful"). Once all settings are configured, save your options.

3. Moderation

If you enable moderation, all reviews will appear in your backend with a 'Pending' status. You can then choose to Publish or Trash them.

4. Inserting the 'Ad Review' Widget into Your Single Ad Template

You can finally add the "Ad Review" widget to your Single Ad Template. Visit Listivo Panel > Templates > Ad Page to edit your current Ad template.

Template will open in Elementor, search for the Ad Review widget, and place it where you want.

Once added to your page, it will look as shown.

In the style tab, you will find many options to customize its appearance.

5. Notification Management

If you enabled moderation and want to receive or send emails or sms to users, navigate to Listivo Panel > Notifications > Add New Notification

You will find three triggers to configure emails sent to you or to users.

6. Help Us Improve

This module is a fresh addition, and we're excited to expand it with more options. If you have any suggestions, please send them to support@tangibledesign.net

If you're enjoying Listivo, consider rating us 5 stars at https://themeforest.net/downloads. It will help us develop a better product with more options and demos. Thank you!