This article explains how we configured our official demos, such as This article is aimed at experienced developers and focuses on improving speed performance. By implementing a similar setup, you can potentially enhance your site's performance.

  1. We are using a Vultr VPS from the High Frequency series, with 3 vCPUs and 8 GB of RAM. This provides us with excellent performance and helps our site load quickly - 
  2. Our VPS is managed by the Run Cloud service, which simplifies server management and optimizes server configurations for best performance - 
  3. We are using the OpenLiteSpeed HTTP server, which is known for its speed and efficiency.
  4. Our server runs PHP 8.1, which has various performance improvements over older versions.
  5. We have also fine-tuned our OpenLiteSpeed plugin settings for WordPress, which can significantly impact the site's speed. I have attached screenshots of our configuration for your reference.



Screen3 - Please make sure to exclude the slugs of your search results page, user page, login/register page, and panel page. In our the following 4 slugs are used: