In the competitive world of classified ads websites, user engagement and conversion are crucial for success. A proven strategy for increasing conversion rates is to first display the "Add Ad" form to users, followed by a prompt to log in or register. Listivo follows this approach and is configured this way after installation.

This approach has several benefits that can positively impact your website's performance:

1. Lower Barrier to Entry

By allowing users to interact with the "Add Ad" form before requiring login or registration, you create a more welcoming environment. This user-friendly approach reduces friction and encourages potential users to explore your website.

2. Fostering User Commitment

When users invest time and effort into creating an ad, they become more committed to the process. Prompting them to log in or register after composing their ad increases the likelihood that they will complete the required steps, as they have already put in the effort to create the ad.

3. Showcasing Platform Features

Displaying the "Add Ad" form first allows users to experience your website's features and interface without the pressure of creating an account. By giving them a taste of your platform, users are more likely to register and continue using your services.

4. Capturing Potential Users

Some users may be hesitant to register or log in before fully understanding the benefits of your platform. By allowing them to interact with the "Add Ad" form first, you can capture their interest and increase the chances of turning them into registered users.


In conclusion, displaying the "Add Ad" form before prompting users to log in or register greatly benefits your classified ads website. This strategy lowers the barrier to entry, fosters user commitment, showcases your platform's features, and captures potential users, ultimately leading to increased conversion rates and profit.

How to deactivate the option

If you need to turn this feature off, you can do so in the Listivo Panel > User Panel > Moderation > Adding Before Logging In by deselecting the checkbox.