WordPress does not allow the registration of Arabic names due to language encoding standards. We have enabled it in the Listivo WordPress theme, but there is still one issue that cannot be overcome without editing the WordPress core engine and database, which is highly not recommended. The name in Arabic cannot be too long (usually, a maximum of 9 signs), and it is not possible to change this limitation. The screenshot below shows that the maximum login name length in the WordPress database is 50 characters.

Arabic names are encoded in a different language format, with each symbol taking up more than one character. Consequently, WordPress requires Arabic names to be shorter, typically allowing a maximum length of 9 symbols.

You may encounter this issue on the backend as well, where a relatively short name displays an error about exceeding 50 characters.

Upon examining the WordPress function, it becomes clear that overwriting this default WordPress function with our theme is not possible:

Ultimately, you could modify this part, but only directly in the WordPress core file:

To summarize, the only options to enable long Arabic names in WordPress are to:

- Overwrite the WordPress user.php file 

- Modify the database structure

However, this is highly discouraged as it could lead to future compatibility issues and unexpected bugs or problems. As it stands, using long Arabic names with WordPress is technically not possible.