Listivo is RTL-ready, meaning that it fully supports Right-to-Left (RTL) languages. This ensures that when using languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, or Persian, the layout, design elements, and user interface will seamlessly adapt to provide an optimal experience for users who read and write in RTL languages.


The only thing you need to do is to switch the WordPress Site Language to an RTL language, e.g.,

Then, no matter which demo you use, everything will adapt and look like our sample demo example: 

Important information for old Listvio Theme users

If you purchased Listivo before the release of version 2.3.10 (20th April 2023) and have already imported demo content in the past, for example, from Listivo 2.2, the RTL option might not fully function. This is because the development of the RTL option involved not only the theme files but also all Elementor Pages (such as homepages, contact us, about us, etc.), Layouts (headers and footers), and Templates (single ad template, single user template, etc.). The Elementor demo content in the past was not RTL-ready, so to fully enjoy the RTL-ready feature, you need to import it again. Please remember that importing demo content removes the database. Alternatively, you can export/import templates from our test demo by following this guide: How to import any demo page from offical demo to your WordPress