The Listivo demo comes with a simple default user page, but you can easily customize it to include advanced search forms. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of replacing the standard "User Ads" widget with a more advanced search form.

Starting point look like this:

Ensure the Latest Version of Listivo

Before starting, ensure you're using the latest version of Listivo. To update your theme, follow the instructions in the article Updating Listivo: what to expect and how to do it

Modifying the User Page Template

Navigate to Listivo Panel > Templates > User Page and click "Edit." 

The Elementor Page Builder will open. 

Delete this demo section.


Now, you have two options: build a new search form from scratch or import an existing search form.

Option 1: Building a New Search Form

To create a new search form, add one of the following widgets in the space vacated by the "User Listings" widget:

- Search (horizontal)

- Search V2 (sidebar)

- Search Map

Type "Search" in the search bar and select the relevant widget. 

For this example, we'll add the "Search V2" widget. 

Next, customize the search form by adding styles, custom fields, and adjusting the settings in the left sidebar. After completing the configuration, click "Save" to apply the changes.

For example

Once you've completed the setup, click "Save."

Option 2: Importing an Existing Search Form

If you prefer to import an existing search results page template instead, proceed with the following steps:

1. Navigate to the Listivo Panel, then go to Templates > Search Results Page, and proceed with editing the template.

2. The Elementor Page Builder will open, and you'll need to click the arrow to reveal the "Save as Template" option, as illustrated in the image below:

3. Type in a template name, such as "My Sidebar Search" and then click the "Save" button to store your template.

4. Proceed with editing the user page template by following these steps:

5. Scroll down the page and locate the "Add Template" icon, which is represented by a folder sign. Click on this icon to proceed with adding a new template.

6. Navigate to "My Templates" and click "Insert."  

7. When a popup appears, click "Don't Apply"

Your advanced search form will now be added to your user page.