Posting Options: Automatic Publishing or Moderation

Listivo provides two options for posting ads: registered users can publish them immediately, or they can be moderated by you and your team. If you prefer automatic publishing, please ensure that you have unchecked this option:

Enabling Moderation and Adding Moderators

If you need moderation, simply enable the checkbox. You may also select the "Re-Approval" option, which will require moderation again if the ad is edited. Optionally, in the "Moderators" section, you can add users who will have access to the Moderation page in their panel, enabling them to approve, decline, or edit ads.

Moderating Ads on Listivo

You can now moderate ads by going to the Moderation tab in your User Panel.

Actions for Pending Ads

When you click on "Actions" you will see the following options for pending ads:

If you click "Approve" the ad will become active

If you click "Decline" a popup will appear where you can provide optional information about why you declined the ad.

If you click "Delete" the ad will be permanently removed from your website.

If you click "Edit" you will be redirected to a new page with the form filled out by the user.

The "Edit Ad" form is slightly different from the corresponding "Add Ad" form, as it includes a useful button called "Action" at the end. This button allows you to take action, such as approving the ad. The available actions may vary depending on whether the ad is active, pending, or a draft. The screenshot below shows the "Action" button for a pending ad:

Notifying Users of Approval or Decline

You can use the notification system to send users an email or SMS to inform them whether their ad was approved or declined. For more information, please refer to the article on notifications: Notifications

Caution: Why Publishing Draft Ads on Listivo is Not Recommended

Note that "Drafts" are ads that were not finished by the user or have already expired, and they only have the "Publish" option. They wait for user action to be completed. If you are a moderator, you should work with "Pending" ads instead of drafts, as shown below.

In the case of a "Draft" ads, clicking "Publish" will change the ad's status to "Active" and it will be permanently visible on your website until it is removed or trashed by someone with the appropriate permissions (user or moderator).