Flexibility to Personalize Your Templates

Listivo WordPress theme provides the flexibility to customize various templates, including individual ad templates, search page templates, user profile templates, single blog post templates, blog archive templates, and print templates to enhance your website's functionality and appearance.

Editing an Individual Ad Page with Elementor Page Builder

To modify an individual ad page using Elementor Page Builder, start by navigating to Listivo Panel > Templates > Ad Pages, and then select the active template for editing. The default template is "Gallery" across all our demo versions.

Utilizing the Elementor Page Builder Interface

The Elementor Page Builder will launch upon clicking, allowing you to modify the content through a drag-and-drop interface effortlessly. For instance, you can choose the "Ad Owner V2" widget, then adjust its settings and appearance to your liking. Be sure to examine the left column, as it updates with each selection you make.

Rearranging Elements and Deleting Widgets

You can effortlessly rearrange any element by dragging it to a new position on the page. To remove a widget, right-click on it and choose "Delete" from the context menu.

Adding and Modifying Custom Fields

You can add or rearrange custom fields by modifying an existing widget. For example:

To add a field in a new location, search for a widget that supports the desired type. 

Previewing Your Ad While Editing the Template

Keep in mind that you can choose which ad to preview while editing the template. Simply select the cog icon and choose your desired listing from the "Preview Listing" dropdown menu.