Elementor is the core plugin for the Listivo theme. It allows you to modify any page on your website. If you haven’t used Elementor before we recommend you watch this 2-minute getting started video, and then try the editor yourself by dragging and dropping elements to create/modify your first page.

1. Editing Homepage and any other page (Contact us, About us etc.)

Just visit the page (e.g. homepage) and click this link:

If you cannot see the link in the top admin bar, you can also access it this way:

You will be redirected to Elementor Page Builder and you can edit all elements e.g. Search Form

Lisitvo has a Layout System:

Layout = header + <page-content> + footer

You can edit layouts this way:


or you can select it via /wp-admin/ panel this way:


If you wish edit via Elementor:

  • Listing Page Template
  • Search Results Page (Listings)
  • User Page Template
  • Blog Single Page
  • Blog Page Template

You can do it this way: