This article will teach you how to establish the bump-up system for your monetization. Bump up is a service where users place their own ad on the top of the first page of the same category once a day automatically for a limited time.

Purchase "Bump Up" (manual)

You have the option to set Bump up packages. You can edit it here.

By default, it is possible to refresh this date once for 3 USD. You can change it as you want.

Your users can visit User Panel > My Listings and click "bump up" button:

When they pay, it will update the date of the listing and the Ad will be at the top of the results.

Purchase "Normal" Package with "Bump Up" option included (automatic)

The option can also be a part of the Normal Package. For example, this demo package:

You can set these 4 options. It means that the ad will be 30 days on the website. The ad will be featured in 7 days. The ad will be refreshed 2 times. Bumps Interval is 10 days, so it will be refreshed every 10 days. In this case: after 10 and 20 days.