1. Find demo page you wish to import on the listivotheme.com

2. For example


3. Click "Try it Free" button

4. You will be redirected to page with all demos: https://tangiblewp.com/listivo/try-for-free where you can choose it again to get private WordPress

5. After clicking this button you become administator of choosen demo

6. Visit page you wish to import to your WordPress e.g. Homepage

A) Click "Visit Site" in the left top corner

B) Edit page you wish to import via "Edit with Elementor" button

7. Save this page as Template

8. Name the template e.g. "New Homepage"

9. Now Search it and export

10. It will download to your PC

11. Now you can import it to your WordPress. You can do it on any "Empty page" or add it to existing page.

a) open any page "With elementor"

b) click "Add template icon" just above your footer

c) click import template and upload the file you downloaded

d) Search and Add

e) If this kind of window shows, click Apply

12. Your page is imported, please consider it will use your Global Design Colors, as you can see below, we uploaded it to orange demo "Modern" so it automatically adapt fonts and colors to match the style