For the last few months, we've been working very hard to upgrade Listivo to the new 2.0 version. This big update added dozens of new widgets and design options to make Listivo more flexible. To make this update works fully correctly, the below actions are required. 

1. Image sizes

The sizes of some images changed and it will require regenerating thumbnails to make it works correctly. 

2. Phone number / Wiber on the user page

Currently, the "Reveal Phone" and "Chat via WhatsApp" buttons are longer than in 1.X version so it may result in this kind of bug that is easy to fix:

we recommend editing "User Template" and moving the widget the way it has more space

2.1. Edit User Template

2.2. Modify where there widgets are and change its paddings

3.  Translating Theme / Plugin

If you've already translated your website to another language we recommend checking all your website pages to see if there are new texts to translate. 

For more information about the new version Listivo 2.0, visit the Listivo product page:

4. Problems with font after update

Version 2.0 use more fonts and sometimes after updating new fonts can be not loaded properly on your website. It's an easy way to fix this by importing Elementor Kit.

Download Elementor Kit

You find in this archive file called:

Go to Wp-Admin > Elementor > Tools > Import / Export 

Select the zip file and follow the steps 

After the import sequence you see this message:

You don't need to do anything more. This import fix problem with fonts on your website.