Backup is an important matter for our website. It is worth being prepared for various scenarios and not having to remember to make a backup every day or every few days.

I will show you how to perform and how set up automatic backups using the Updraft Plus plugin

Go to Wp-admin > Plugins > Add New:

When we activate the plugin we see this dashboard (link to the dashboard you can find at Settings >UpdraftPlus Backup)

To perform a backup, just click the "Backup Now" button - after a moment or a few minutes (it all depends on the size of our website) we will get a ready backup that can be downloaded to your computer or uploaded directly using this plugin.

After process is finish you will se:

2) Automatic backup

Go to Settigns section:

I like to store my backup on another server file Dropbox or Google Drive. We change files and database backup schedule for weekly:

And that's it - from now on, every 7 days, the system will automatically make a backup and send it to Google Drive or another drive of your choice. Additionally, you can choose how many backups the system should keep.