If you are interested in future Listivo updates, check out this article: Listivo 2023 Roadmap – future updates overview

Below you will find a list of changes to the Listivo Theme

2.3.15 - 30th May 2023

Fix: Field dependency for the two salary fields 
Fix: Images not displaying correctly when added to a blog post with a caption 
Fix: FAQ - Issue with accordions when content is excessively long 
Fix: Abstract Demo (Hero Search V7) - icons not working on mobile 
Fix: Compare - removing listings on hostings with very slow response times

2.3.14 - 19th May 2023

Added: Widget Services V3 - "Custom Button URL" option
Added: Menu CTA Link - possible to select "Search Results Page"
Fix: Add Ad -> Description Walidation Color Not Working
Fix: Add Ad -> Subcategory Required Walidation  Color Not Working
Fix: Add Ad (RTL) - Dropzone mobile draggin screen problem
Fix: minor php, js, css issues

2.3.13 - 10th May 2023

Fix: Twilio - phone number confirmation not working

2.3.12 - 9th May 2023

Improved: Display of very long usernames, e.g., in the menu
Fix: Inability to translate "Miles" / "KM" for search radius
Fix: Incorrect counting of image numbers in the gallery popup
Fix: Minor JavaScript, CSS, and PHP bugs

2.3.11 - 2nd May 2023

Added: Design > Ad Card > "Label" and "Meta" Typography options
Fix: "Featured Expired" not always working
Fix: Minor css, js, php issues

2.3.10 - 20th April 2023

Added: Google Captcha for Private Message System
Fixed: RTL languages support e.g. Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu
Fixed: aligning icons with text in cards
Fixed: the direction of the arrow on the single ad page
Fixed: sort by Most Relevant
Fixed: Minor js,php bugs

2.3.9 - 13th April 2023

Added: Listivo Panel > Custom Fields > Taxonomies - new option  Strict Parent Filtering. If a field has more than one parent, you decide when to show the child term on the front-end "Add Ad" form
- At Least One Value from Each Parent Selected
- All Parent Values Selected
Added: All widgets that display phone will now use "Country Code Select" prefixes
Fix: Minor js,php bugs

2.3.8 - 12th April 2023

Added: RTL languages support e.g. Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu
Fix: Mobile gallery swiper was not working correctly.

2.3.7 - 11th April 2023

Added: You can add Search and Search V2 widgets on User Template (it allows to make it similar to your /ads/ page)
Added: Sorting options for multiple widgets: Listing List, Listing Lists V2, Listing Carousel, Mini Lisgings, Mini Listings Carousel
Added: Single Ad > Ad Owner V2 Widget - you can customize button texts "Chat" and "E-mail" independly to Translate/Rename module
Added: Design Settings > Design > "Error Color" and "Error Text Color" option that works for "Add Ad" Page required fields
Fix: My Orders Page not working
Fix: Minor js,php,css issus

2.3.6 - 7th April 2023

Added: Listing Carousel With Tabs and some other widgets got the option to sort cards randomly
Added: Single Ad > "Users Ads" Widget - sorting option
Added: Single Ad > "Related Ads" Widget - sorting option
Fix: Minor css, js, php issues

2.3.5 - 5th April 2023

Added: Design Settings > Ad Card - Attribute - Choose Field Icon
Added: Design Settings > Ad Card - Show User Phone
Added: Design Settings > Ad Card - Hide User Phone at Start
Added: Design Settings > Ad Card - Row V2 - Height
Fix: Minor js, php bugs - 4th April 2023

Fix: Minor css,js bugs

2.3.4 - 3th April 2023

Added: Social Profile TikTok (global for website and users)
Added: Listivo Panel > User Panel > Private Account / Business Account - Option to "disables the ability for users to create ads, purchase payment packages, or use subscriptions"
Fix: Minor css,js bugs

2.3.3 - 31th March 2023

Added: Elementor "Panel" Widget - you can build your own order of the fields on the "Add ad" page inside the widget's settings
Fix: Very long submenu not fully displayed

2.3.2 - 30th March 2023

Added: Email Notification  Template - Listivo email will look much better now, and you can customize it fully by editing the HTML template file - wp-content/themes/listivo/templates/mail/base.php - if you decide to customize this file; please remember to put it in the Child Theme to keep future update compatibility
Added: Single Ad Page - New Widget "User socials"
Fix: Minor php, js bugs

2.3.1 - 28th March 2023

Added: Elementor Widget: Hero Search V4 - more flexibility related to design
Fix: Stripe Subscription - Currency. Now it is centralized in the "Stripe" tab not in the package settings
Fix: Listivo Panel > SEO > Override Title Tag stopped working
Fix: Minor PHP, js issues

2.3.0 - 23th March 2023

Added: Listivo Panel > Monetization - Subscription Payments via Stripe
Added: Blog Post V2 - Heading Fix
Fix: Minor php,js issues

2.2.15 - 21th March 2023

Added: Widget "Blog Categories" - more flexibility
Improved: Listivo Panel > Translate & Rename - more flexible translation option for child fields, e.g., "Select [ParentName] first"
Improved: User Panel > Ad Add - improved loading time for taxonomy fields (especially with more than one parent)
Improved: The browser "Back Arrow" button is now better  working on the search results page
Fix: User Panel > Settings > Country Code was not displayed
Fix: Single ad page had no H1 tag. It is possible to change html tag of the ad name
Fix: Single ad page - if there were more than 1 "Ad Owner v2" widgets, the "E-Mail" button not always working correctly
Fix: Custom Fields > Taxonomy Fields > Input Placeholder - an option not working
Fix: Map Search - problem with thumbnails on the "info windows" if there is more than one gallery field

2.2.14 - 14th March 2023

Improved: Faster loading backend admin add ad / edit ad
Fixed: Search via Radius (e.g. +10km) for the Location field
Fixed: Hero Search V8 (Real Estate Demo) - switching tabs bug

2.2.13 - 10th March 2023

Fixed: Error when working with terms

2.2.12 - 9th March 2023

Improved: Taxonomy dropdown loading time on the search page and add ad page (we tested case: 70,000 terms)
Improved: All search and add ad fields has a unique class that allows modifying by the developer its design
Fix: Single Ad > Contact Form Popup Validation - when the user did not fill required fields
Fix: Hero Search V8 - Field Dependency was not hiding field labels, but just fields

2.2.11 - 2nd March 2023

Fixed: New Message Notification was sent too often
Fixed: Backend - editing price was not working correctly for some currency configurations
Fixed: Further improvements for "Taxonomy - sort terms alphabetically"

2.2.10 - 1st March 2023

Fix: "Taxonomy - sort terms alphabetically" option had a bug for some languages and specials signs e.g., "C", "Č", "Ć"

2.2.9 – 27th February 2023

Added: Single Ad Template > New widget "Listing attributes v4" that allows displaying fields in columns (Field Name: Value)
Improved: User Panel > Add Ad > When the user uploads photos, adding a listing is blocked until the upload finish
Fix: Minnor js/php bugs

2.2.8 - 15th February 2023

Added: style control for "Ad Title"
Added: selection list for Phone Default Country Code
Fixed: the problem with sending sms by Twilio 
Fixed: the problem with displaying the price field
Fixed: the problem with Hero Search v8 
Fixed: the problem with long texts Listivo Listing Attribute v3
Fixed: better service for headings on the Text Editor

2.2.7 - 8th February 2023

Added: Phone Country Code Select (more info here)
Added: hide the choice of account type during registration
Added: alphabetical sorting of search results
Added: phone button "Show all" for mosaic template 
Fixed: displaying a photo on the moderation list
Fixed: corrected work if widget Text Editor
Fixed: problem with the Chat/Contact Form button for Elementor PRO users 

2.2.6 - 6th February 2023

Fixed display of the category without the parent field on the backend 
Fixed main category not set 
Fixed display of new listing without user 
Fixed white line under the main menu 
Fixed display categories widget on mobile divices

2.2.5 - 2nd February 2023

Added: Elementor Site Settings > Ad Card > Display Views
Added: Elementor Site Settings > Ad Card > "Display Description" 
Added: Elementor Site Settings > Ad Card > "Max Description Lines" 
Improved: Free Package for the new users: The text "Free" will be written 1 time, not 2
Improved: Clearing Number Fields - X does not overlap the unit of measurement
Fixed: redirect loop "Set phone" (e.g. if the user does not have a phone number because registered via social but it is required)
Fixed: Location Dropdown for Legacy Widgets (Hero V1, Hero V2, Hero V3)
Fixed: Placeholder for Standard Card if Ad does not have image and gallery on cards is turned off

2.2.4 - 1st February 2023

Added: Listivo Panel > User Panel > Redirects - choose where to redirect the user after Login, Registration, Social Login or Social Registration
Added: Search > Location Field > Location - Display the "My location" option after clicking the field
Added: Custom Fields > Location - If you narrow it down to 1 country, the search autocomplete dropdown will not show the country
Added: Listivo Panel > Map > Default Radius
Fix: Adding free packages for new register user
Fix: Backend edit listing
Fix: Google Maps Console Warning - 31th January 2023

Fix: Map search could stop working because of 2.2.2 speed optimization improvements

2.2.3 - 31th January 2023

Added: Default WordPress registration confirmation link slug replaced by shorter custom link - your-domain.com/email-confirmation/?selector=XXX&validator=XXX. You can also change /email-confirmation/ to any other slug in the Listivo Panel > Translate / Rename > Slug
Improved: New Version of Single Ad Gallery Popup Plugin Swiper (it works better and has a more modern design)
Fix: Keyword search could stop working  because of 2.2.2 speed optimization improvements
Fix: Widget Categories V3 could stop working because of 2.2.2 speed optimization improvements

2.2.2 - 30th January 2023

Added: Require users to verify phone number option (Listivo Panel > Settings > Twilio)
Improved: Overall theme speed performance
Improved: When a user login via social login and phone is required, the user is forced to fill in the phone number
Fix:  Fatal error: Declaration of DI\Container::has(string $name)

2.2.1 - 27th January 2023

The plugin version (e.g. ?ver=2.2.1) is added in the URL paths when loading Listivo Core plugin assets (js and css files). It solves the problem of clearing the browser cache manually (e.g. Windows SHIFT + F5) after each big backend update.

2.2.0 - 25th January 2023

Added: New Flexible Notification System
- Send SMS notifications via Twilio
- Create your own sms/email notifications based on triggers
- New trigger: User registration (for admin)
- New trigger: Featured expired
- New trigger: The ad will expire soon
- New trigger: The ad has expired
- Notification Log - view what Listivo is sending
Added: Menu V2 - Styling Hampburger Menu Icon
Fix: Text "Expire: Never" was display wrongly on "My Listings" and "Moderation"
Fix: User Panel > Add Ad > If "Ad Name" is hidden form could not work correctly - 13th January 2023

Fix: WooCommerce Monetization - there was a small typo bug in one of the Monetization functions that can create unexpected bugs

2.1.14 - 10th January 2023

Added: Listivo Panel > User Panel > Moderation > "Ad Name" and "Ad Description" Hints
Added: Listivo Panel > Settings > Currency > "If the number in the decimal part has only zeros, they will not be shown."
Added: User Panel > Settings > Delete Account
Added: Elementor "Single Ad" and "Single User" Widgets changes
a) New section "Visibility"
- You may use it to have different widgets displayed for Private and Business account
- You can set the widget to be visible only when the viewer is logged in
b) New widget "User Custom Text" - This allows you to show specific content depending on the type of user(Private/business)
Elementor widget "Ad Stats" was renamed to "Ad Info" and if Listivo Panel -> User Panel -> Business Account -> Account Type is turned on, it will display the user type (Private / Business) on the Ad Page

2.1.13 - 05th January 2023

Added: Listivo Panel -> User Panel -> Moderation -> “Max Ad Name Length”
Added: Listivo Panel -> Custom Fields -> Edit All Fields - Field hint (frontend)
Added: Listivo Panel -> Settings -> Menu -> Custom CTA Button Text”
Added: Elementor > Single Ad Template -> Ad Owner V2 Widget - show Online/Offline

2.1.12 – 04th January 2023

Added: Quick Wizard after importing the demo
Added: You can have different monetization packages for Private and Business accounts
Added: "Add Ad" Page - If taxonomy has more than 6 options, show the search box
Changed: Menu Spacings
Changed: If the Ad is not published (e.g. expired) and the user publishes it again, the "publish date" is updated
Fix: Custom Fields -> Taxonomy -> “Options visible on the frontend panel”

2.1.11 - 20th December 2022

Added: Business User - "Full name of a company representative" option https://support.listivotheme.com/support/solutions/articles/101000461939-type-of-user-private-or-business
Added: Business User - "Company information" option https://support.listivotheme.com/support/solutions/articles/101000461939-type-of-user-private-or-business
Added: Business User - "User can change the account type at any time." option https://support.listivotheme.com/support/solutions/articles/101000461939-type-of-user-private-or-business
Added: Private Account - "Full Name" option https://support.listivotheme.com/support/solutions/articles/101000461939-type-of-user-private-or-business
Added: Single Ad and User Template - Elementor Widget - "User Name" - display Full Name, First Name or Last Name
Added: Single Ad and User Template - Elementor Widget - "Company Information"
Fix: Page Visibility > Password protected
Fix: Minor CSS/JS/PHP bugs

2.1.10 - 16th December 2022

Added: Listivo Panel > User Panel > Moderation > Require Ad Name
Added: Listivo Panel > Advanced > Tools > Fix order by most relevant when using WP All Import

2.1.9 - 14th December 2022

Fix: Minor JS/PHP fixes

2.1.8 - 7th December 2022

Fix: Minor JS/PHP fixes

2.1.7 - 3rd December 2022

Added: Login/Register Page redirects the logged-in user to panel
Fix: Edit Field Taxonomy - Field Dependency Table not saving
Fix: Free package not displayed when user already has a package
Fix: Display User on the card V2
Fix: Single Listing Template - Ad Features - custom icon

2.1.6 - 3rd December 2022

Added: Listing Carousel Wirth Tabs - "Display Only Featured" option
Fix: Pricing Format 10,00,00,000

2.1.5 - 24th November 2022

Added: custom field values visible via WordPress API
Added: social icons links open in a new window
Added: minor CSS fixes

2.1.4 - 22th November 2022

Added: Listivo Panel now has "Native WordPress Design"
Added: Monetization Bump Ad Option
Added: 2 user types option [Private/Business]
Added: Listivo Panel > User Panel > User > Website Field
Fix: Minnor css/js/php bugs

2.1.3 - 4th November 2022

Fix: WooCommerce 7.0.1 template warning
Fix: Minnor js/php/bugs

2.1.2 - 28 October 2022

Improved: Demo Realtor - https://demo9.listivotheme.com/
Fix: Problem with approving ads related to warning: "There is no associated package for this ad"

2.1.1 - 20 October 2022

Added: All new demo imports have sample sidebar search form template included
Added: Listing card v2 - display date / display user controlls
Added: WhatsApp / Viber - Use Global Initial Message option
Added: Search V2 Checkbox - Limit max-height option
Added: User Description Widget
Added: It is possible to add "Text Field" on the cards labels and location
Fix: Minor CSS / JS bugs

2.1.0 - 3 October 2022

Added: Search V2 (Sidebar) - example - https://demo5.listivotheme.com/listings/car/
Added: Search V1 - "Filter Pills + Clear All"
Added: Custom Field Type: Link
Improved: Number and Price field - user can enter only numbers
Fix: Minnor js/php/css fix

2.0.20 - 15 September 2022

Demo automotive upgrades
Minor css issues fixed

2.0.19 - 12 September 2022

Demo 6 upgrades
Minor css issues fixed

2.0.18 - 11 September 2022

New single listing templates
Demo 7 upgrades
Minor css issues fixed

2.0.17 - 04th September 2022

New card style
Quick preview function
Demo classic improvements

2.0.16 - 26 August 2022

When Monetization is enabled:
Added: Front-end User Panel > Orders Page (for administrator)
Added: Front-end User Panel > My Orders (for all users)

2.0.15 - 23 August 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

2.0.14 - 12 August 2022

Improved: https://demo7.listivotheme.com/ - redesigned and improved
Added: New styling options for Elementor widgets

2.0.13 - 10 August 2022

Improved: https://demo3.listivotheme.com/ - redesigned and improved
Added: Dozens of new styling options for Elementor widgets

2.0.12 - 31 July 2022

Added: New Demo: Services - https://demo6.listivotheme.com

2.0.11 - 31 July 2022

Added: New Demo: Comfort - https://demo14.listivotheme.com

2.0.10 - 24th July 2022

Added: New Demo: Transparent Blue - https://demo13.listivotheme.com/
Added: Dozens of new styling controls for different Elementor widgets
Fix: Minor js/php bugsAdded: Demo Cars

2.0.9 - 19th July 2022

Improved backend editing page
Improved performance of the template selection page on the backend
Fixed case on listing page where “start a new search” button opened gallery popup when “Gallery V2" widget was used.

2.0.8 - 11th July 2022

Added: Demo Cars - https://demo11.listivotheme.com/
Added: Demo Earth Tones - https://demo10.listivotheme.com/

2.0.7 - 06th July 2022

Fix: Fixed problem with scolls in listing tab

2.0.6 - 05th July 2022

Fix: Fixed Popular terms widget

2.0.5 - 02nd July 2022

Added: Demo "Automotive" - https://demo5.listivotheme.com/

2.0.4 - 20th June 2022

Added: Demo "Abstract" - https://demo8.listivotheme.com/
Added: Demo "Realtor" - https://demo9.listivotheme.com/

2.0.3 - 15th June 2022

Fix: Fixed legacy mode mobile menu

2.0.2 - 7th June 2022

Fix: Minor bugs in safari browser and on mobile version

2.0.1 - 6th June 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

2.0.0 - 6th June 2022

Improved: Almost all Elementor widgets refreshed/redesigned
Added: Demo Real Estare
Added: Compare Module
Fix: Minor js, CSS, PHP bugs fixed

1.0.27 - 16th May 2022

Fix: Problem when editing a listing via the front-end panel.

1.0.26 - 13th May 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.25 - 4th May 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.24 - 1st April 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.23 - 18th March 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.22 - 17th February 2022

Improved: New Support Center Integrated into Listivo Panel 
Fix: WooCommerce Thank You page for some niche Gateways

1.0.21 - 27th January 2022

WordPress 5.9 compatibility
Added: Single Listing Widget - Single Image
Added: Blog Archive - Columns control
Improved: Seo Yoast Integration
Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.20 - 15th January 2022

Added: Blog displays user profile image on the cards and single post page 
Added: Desktop Menu Currency Switcher (You need to have 2 Currencies in the Listivo Panel > Basic Setup)
Improved: Better Integration of Search Result page with Yoast SEO Plugin and All in One SEO
Fix: Loading Google Fonts
Fix: minor js/php/bugs

1.0.19 - 5th January 2022

Fix: Map Pin not displayed - fix requires refreshing browser cache or visiting website in the incognito mode
Fix: Minor css/js/php bugs

1.0.18 - 4th January 2022

Fix: Minor css/js/php bugs

1.0.17 - 2nd January 2022

Added: Open Street Maps Integration (Search Map Inventory)
Added: Listivo Panel > Basic Setup > Card Labels - option to add any taxonomy field next to "Featured" label and change its color inside term option
Fix: Minor js/php fixes

1.0.16 - 29th December 2021

Added: Elementor Widget - Search Results Columns / gap options

1.0.15 - 28th December 2021

Added: Print Listing Page (if you used an old version of Listivo 1.0.14 or lower it will require adding manually print template - please email us via support@tangibledesign.net and we will help you integrate it)
Fix: Featured card image if you have more than 1 gallery field

1.0.14 - 18th December 2021

Added: Elementor Widget Login & Register - option to display: "Login", "Register" or "Login and Register" 
Added: New Elementor Widget - Main Categories V2 - with much easier icon upload

1.0.13 - 17th December 2021

Added: Listivo Panel > Standard Card Image Size option
Added: Listivo Panel > Search Results Page H1 Title (next to XX Results) - Default Text
Added: Listivo Panel > Search Results Page H1 Title (next to XX Results) - Category Fields
Added: Listivo Panel > Search Results Page H1 Title (next to XX Results) - Priority Category
Added: Widget Listings List - Columns, Columns Gap, Row Gap options

1.0.12 - 14th December 2021

Added: Chat via Viber - widget and option in the Listivo Panel > User Panel 
Added: Columns to many widget e.g. Listing List, Related Posts and more
Added: Hider Results Bar option for "Search Widget"
Fix: Sort by Most Relevant

1.0.11 - 13th December 2021

Added: Taxonomy > Terms - Custom Listing Template (e.g. different template for job and vehicles)
Added: Listivo Panel > Map > Default Radius (km)
Added: Listing Page > Elementor > User Hidden Phone - "Show at start" option to display number without stars ***

1.0.10 - 10th December 2021

Added: Listivo Panel > Basic Setup > Other > Searching by keyword includes terms option
Added: Single Listing Page > Widget Listing Attributes v2
Added: Single Listing Page > Widget "Get Direction"
Fix: Sharing Listing Images on Facebook - requires theme update and scraping again wrongly shared listing here: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/
Fix: Menu Logo Sticky Height Control

1.0.9 - 8th December 2021

Added: Listivo Panel > User Panel > Disable Description Style Bar option
Added: Listivo Panel > User Panel > Updating the listing requires re-approval option

1.0.8 - 7th December 2021

Added: Custom Taxonomy Temrs Order - compatibility with plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-taxonomy-order-ne/
Added: Listivo Panel > Private Message System create custom initial message using variables: price, listing name and location
Added: Listivo Panel > Basic > Type of location - you can display as a "Card Location" and "Single Listing Page Location" any combination of custom fields: taxonomy, text, number field, location

1.0.7 - 7th December 2021

Added: Single Listing > Listing Atributes - Add Icon and Style Controls (border, background etc)
Added: Listivo Panel > Other > Searching by keyword results includes listing descriptions
Added: Listing Expired > Notification
Fix: Listivo Panel > Map > Snazzy Maps works also on the Search Map

1.0.6 - 6th December 2021

Added: A lot of improvements related to Map Search
Added: Listivo Panel > User Panel > Login minimum number of characters option
Added: Single Listing > New widget "Send SMS"
Added: WhatsApp - message text included (I'm interested in [listing-name])
Improved: Adding listing before login - listing status
Improved: Elementor Editor > Menu Transparent preview
Improved: Faster Images loading
Fix: Featured Label not displayed on the card
Fix: Translate & Rename > Fix related to: ' sign saving

1.0.5 - 2nd December 2021

Added: Social Share Avatar on Single Listing Page, User Page etc
Added: Blog > Widget Tags > new settings
Added: Social Share - Share via WhatsApp (below 1024px)
Added: Social Share - Share via Messanger (below 1024px)
Added: Current Package Page - when you click the package you are redirected to "Add Listing Form"
Added: Map Search - "Advanced Map Settings" > "Marker Clustering"
Improved: You can register very short usernames
Fix: Front-end Panel > Editing Listings do not save data correctly
Fix: Menu Transparent + Sticky - style conflict

1.0.4 - 30th November 2021

Added: Blog Cards: Display Author ON/OFF
Added: Blog Cards: Excerpt ON/OFF
Added: Blog Cards: Publish Date ON/OFF
Added: Blog Cards: Display Read More Button ON/OFF
Fix: Pending Emails Sending Problem
Fix: Phone widget displayed on user page even if use has not phone added

1.0.3 - 29th November 2021

Fix: Add Listing - "Adding location" not save correctly when clicking on the map
Fix: Add Listing - Price Fields set to "Required" blocks the submit form
Fix: Listivo Panel > Monetization - removing package was impossible

1.0.2 - 28th November 2021

Fix: Sort by function 
Fix: Add Listing Form: Price / Video fields not saved correctly

1.0.1 - 26th November 2021

Added: Listivo Updater - update theme automatically
Improved: Homepage Hover Effects on Mobile
Improved: Icons on some WooCommerce Checkout buttons
Improved: Stripe WooCommerce Checkout Mobile Styles

1.0.0 - 25th November 2021

Initial release