If you are interested in future Listivo updates, check out this article: Listivo 2023 Roadmap – future updates overview

Below you will find a list of changes to the Listivo Theme

2.2.1 - 27th January 2023

The plugin version (e.g. ?ver=2.2.1) is added in the URL paths when loading Listivo Core plugin assets (js and css files). It solves the problem of clearing the browser cache manually (e.g. Windows SHIFT + F5) after each big backend update.

2.2.0 - 25th January 2023

Added: New Flexible Notification System
- Send SMS notifications via Twilio
- Create your own sms/email notifications based on triggers
- New trigger: User registration (for admin)
- New trigger: Featured expired
- New trigger: The ad will expire soon
- New trigger: The ad has expired
- Notification Log - view what Listivo is sending
Added: Menu V2 - Styling Hampburger Menu Icon
Fix: Text "Expire: Never" was display wrongly on "My Listings" and "Moderation"
Fix: User Panel > Add Ad > If "Ad Name" is hidden form could not work correctly - 13th January 2023

Fix: WooCommerce Monetization - there was a small typo bug in one of the Monetization functions that can create unexpected bugs

2.1.14 - 10th January 2023

Added: Listivo Panel > User Panel > Moderation > "Ad Name" and "Ad Description" Hints
Added: Listivo Panel > Settings > Currency > "If the number in the decimal part has only zeros, they will not be shown."
Added: User Panel > Settings > Delete Account
Added: Elementor "Single Ad" and "Single User" Widgets changes
a) New section "Visibility"
- You may use it to have different widgets displayed for Private and Business account
- You can set the widget to be visible only when the viewer is logged in
b) New widget "User Custom Text" - This allows you to show specific content depending on the type of user(Private/business)
Elementor widget "Ad Stats" was renamed to "Ad Info" and if Listivo Panel -> User Panel -> Business Account -> Account Type is turned on, it will display the user type (Private / Business) on the Ad Page

2.1.13 - 05th January 2023

Added: Listivo Panel -> User Panel -> Moderation -> “Max Ad Name Length”
Added: Listivo Panel -> Custom Fields -> Edit All Fields - Field hint (frontend)
Added: Listivo Panel -> Settings -> Menu -> Custom CTA Button Text”
Added: Elementor > Single Ad Template -> Ad Owner V2 Widget - show Online/Offline

2.1.12 – 04th January 2023

Added: Quick Wizard after importing the demo
Added: You can have different monetization packages for Private and Business accounts
Added: "Add Ad" Page - If taxonomy has more than 6 options, show the search box
Changed: Menu Spacings
Changed: If the Ad is not published (e.g. expired) and the user publishes it again, the "publish date" is updated
Fix: Custom Fields -> Taxonomy -> “Options visible on the frontend panel”

2.1.11 - 20th December 2022

Added: Business User - "Full name of a company representative" option https://support.listivotheme.com/support/solutions/articles/101000461939-type-of-user-private-or-business
Added: Business User - "Company information" option https://support.listivotheme.com/support/solutions/articles/101000461939-type-of-user-private-or-business
Added: Business User - "User can change the account type at any time." option https://support.listivotheme.com/support/solutions/articles/101000461939-type-of-user-private-or-business
Added: Private Account - "Full Name" option https://support.listivotheme.com/support/solutions/articles/101000461939-type-of-user-private-or-business
Added: Single Ad and User Template - Elementor Widget - "User Name" - display Full Name, First Name or Last Name
Added: Single Ad and User Template - Elementor Widget - "Company Information"
Fix: Page Visibility > Password protected
Fix: Minor CSS/JS/PHP bugs

2.1.10 - 16th December 2022

Added: Listivo Panel > User Panel > Moderation > Require Ad Name
Added: Listivo Panel > Advanced > Tools > Fix order by most relevant when using WP All Import

2.1.9 - 14th December 2022

Fix: Minor JS/PHP fixes

2.1.8 - 7th December 2022

Fix: Minor JS/PHP fixes

2.1.7 - 3rd December 2022

Added: Login/Register Page redirects the logged-in user to panel
Fix: Edit Field Taxonomy - Field Dependency Table not saving
Fix: Free package not displayed when user already has a package
Fix: Display User on the card V2
Fix: Single Listing Template - Ad Features - custom icon

2.1.6 - 3rd December 2022

Added: Listing Carousel Wirth Tabs - "Display Only Featured" option
Fix: Pricing Format 10,00,00,000

2.1.5 - 24th November 2022

Added: custom field values visible via WordPress API
Added: social icons links open in a new window
Added: minor CSS fixes

2.1.4 - 22th November 2022

Added: Listivo Panel now has "Native WordPress Design"
Added: Monetization Bump Ad Option
Added: 2 user types option [Private/Business]
Added: Listivo Panel > User Panel > User > Website Field
Fix: Minnor css/js/php bugs

2.1.3 - 4th November 2022

Fix: WooCommerce 7.0.1 template warning
Fix: Minnor js/php/bugs

2.1.2 - 28 October 2022

Improved: Demo Realtor - https://demo9.listivotheme.com/
Fix: Problem with approving ads related to warning: "There is no associated package for this ad"

2.1.1 - 20 October 2022

Added: All new demo imports have sample sidebar search form template included
Added: Listing card v2 - display date / display user controlls
Added: WhatsApp / Viber - Use Global Initial Message option
Added: Search V2 Checkbox - Limit max-height option
Added: User Description Widget
Added: It is possible to add "Text Field" on the cards labels and location
Fix: Minor CSS / JS bugs

2.1.0 - 3 October 2022

Added: Search V2 (Sidebar) - example - https://demo5.listivotheme.com/listings/car/
Added: Search V1 - "Filter Pills + Clear All"
Added: Custom Field Type: Link
Improved: Number and Price field - user can enter only numbers
Fix: Minnor js/php/css fix

2.0.20 - 15 September 2022

Demo automotive upgrades
Minor css issues fixed

2.0.19 - 12 September 2022

Demo 6 upgrades
Minor css issues fixed

2.0.18 - 11 September 2022

New single listing templates
Demo 7 upgrades
Minor css issues fixed

2.0.17 - 04th September 2022

New card style
Quick preview function
Demo classic improvements

2.0.16 - 26 August 2022

When Monetization is enabled:
Added: Front-end User Panel > Orders Page (for administrator)
Added: Front-end User Panel > My Orders (for all users)

2.0.15 - 23 August 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

2.0.14 - 12 August 2022

Improved: https://demo7.listivotheme.com/ - redesigned and improved
Added: New styling options for Elementor widgets

2.0.13 - 10 August 2022

Improved: https://demo3.listivotheme.com/ - redesigned and improved
Added: Dozens of new styling options for Elementor widgets

2.0.12 - 31 July 2022

Added: New Demo: Services - https://demo6.listivotheme.com

2.0.11 - 31 July 2022

Added: New Demo: Comfort - https://demo14.listivotheme.com

2.0.10 - 24th July 2022

Added: New Demo: Transparent Blue - https://demo13.listivotheme.com/
Added: Dozens of new styling controls for different Elementor widgets
Fix: Minor js/php bugsAdded: Demo Cars

2.0.9 - 19th July 2022

Improved backend editing page
Improved performance of the template selection page on the backend
Fixed case on listing page where “start a new search” button opened gallery popup when “Gallery V2" widget was used.

2.0.8 - 11th July 2022

Added: Demo Cars - https://demo11.listivotheme.com/
Added: Demo Earth Tones - https://demo10.listivotheme.com/

2.0.7 - 06th July 2022

Fix: Fixed problem with scolls in listing tab

2.0.6 - 05th July 2022

Fix: Fixed Popular terms widget

2.0.5 - 02nd July 2022

Added: Demo "Automotive" - https://demo5.listivotheme.com/

2.0.4 - 20th June 2022

Added: Demo "Abstract" - https://demo8.listivotheme.com/
Added: Demo "Realtor" - https://demo9.listivotheme.com/

2.0.3 - 15th June 2022

Fix: Fixed legacy mode mobile menu

2.0.2 - 7th June 2022

Fix: Minor bugs in safari browser and on mobile version

2.0.1 - 6th June 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

2.0.0 - 6th June 2022

Improved: Almost all Elementor widgets refreshed/redesigned
Added: Demo Real Estare
Added: Compare Module
Fix: Minor js, CSS, PHP bugs fixed

1.0.27 - 16th May 2022

Fix: Problem when editing a listing via the front-end panel.

1.0.26 - 13th May 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.25 - 4th May 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.24 - 1st April 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.23 - 18th March 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.22 - 17th February 2022

Improved: New Support Center Integrated into Listivo Panel 
Fix: WooCommerce Thank You page for some niche Gateways

1.0.21 - 27th January 2022

WordPress 5.9 compatibility
Added: Single Listing Widget - Single Image
Added: Blog Archive - Columns control
Improved: Seo Yoast Integration
Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.20 - 15th January 2022

Added: Blog displays user profile image on the cards and single post page 
Added: Desktop Menu Currency Switcher (You need to have 2 Currencies in the Listivo Panel > Basic Setup)
Improved: Better Integration of Search Result page with Yoast SEO Plugin and All in One SEO
Fix: Loading Google Fonts
Fix: minor js/php/bugs

1.0.19 - 5th January 2022

Fix: Map Pin not displayed - fix requires refreshing browser cache or visiting website in the incognito mode
Fix: Minor css/js/php bugs

1.0.18 - 4th January 2022

Fix: Minor css/js/php bugs

1.0.17 - 2nd January 2022

Added: Open Street Maps Integration (Search Map Inventory)
Added: Listivo Panel > Basic Setup > Card Labels - option to add any taxonomy field next to "Featured" label and change its color inside term option
Fix: Minor js/php fixes

1.0.16 - 29th December 2021

Added: Elementor Widget - Search Results Columns / gap options

1.0.15 - 28th December 2021

Added: Print Listing Page (if you used an old version of Listivo 1.0.14 or lower it will require adding manually print template - please email us via support@tangibledesign.net and we will help you integrate it)
Fix: Featured card image if you have more than 1 gallery field

1.0.14 - 18th December 2021

Added: Elementor Widget Login & Register - option to display: "Login", "Register" or "Login and Register" 
Added: New Elementor Widget - Main Categories V2 - with much easier icon upload

1.0.13 - 17th December 2021

Added: Listivo Panel > Standard Card Image Size option
Added: Listivo Panel > Search Results Page H1 Title (next to XX Results) - Default Text
Added: Listivo Panel > Search Results Page H1 Title (next to XX Results) - Category Fields
Added: Listivo Panel > Search Results Page H1 Title (next to XX Results) - Priority Category
Added: Widget Listings List - Columns, Columns Gap, Row Gap options

1.0.12 - 14th December 2021

Added: Chat via Viber - widget and option in the Listivo Panel > User Panel 
Added: Columns to many widget e.g. Listing List, Related Posts and more
Added: Hider Results Bar option for "Search Widget"
Fix: Sort by Most Relevant

1.0.11 - 13th December 2021

Added: Taxonomy > Terms - Custom Listing Template (e.g. different template for job and vehicles)
Added: Listivo Panel > Map > Default Radius (km)
Added: Listing Page > Elementor > User Hidden Phone - "Show at start" option to display number without stars ***

1.0.10 - 10th December 2021

Added: Listivo Panel > Basic Setup > Other > Searching by keyword includes terms option
Added: Single Listing Page > Widget Listing Attributes v2
Added: Single Listing Page > Widget "Get Direction"
Fix: Sharing Listing Images on Facebook - requires theme update and scraping again wrongly shared listing here: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/
Fix: Menu Logo Sticky Height Control

1.0.9 - 8th December 2021

Added: Listivo Panel > User Panel > Disable Description Style Bar option
Added: Listivo Panel > User Panel > Updating the listing requires re-approval option

1.0.8 - 7th December 2021

Added: Custom Taxonomy Temrs Order - compatibility with plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-taxonomy-order-ne/
Added: Listivo Panel > Private Message System create custom initial message using variables: price, listing name and location
Added: Listivo Panel > Basic > Type of location - you can display as a "Card Location" and "Single Listing Page Location" any combination of custom fields: taxonomy, text, number field, location

1.0.7 - 7th December 2021

Added: Single Listing > Listing Atributes - Add Icon and Style Controls (border, background etc)
Added: Listivo Panel > Other > Searching by keyword results includes listing descriptions
Added: Listing Expired > Notification
Fix: Listivo Panel > Map > Snazzy Maps works also on the Search Map

1.0.6 - 6th December 2021

Added: A lot of improvements related to Map Search
Added: Listivo Panel > User Panel > Login minimum number of characters option
Added: Single Listing > New widget "Send SMS"
Added: WhatsApp - message text included (I'm interested in [listing-name])
Improved: Adding listing before login - listing status
Improved: Elementor Editor > Menu Transparent preview
Improved: Faster Images loading
Fix: Featured Label not displayed on the card
Fix: Translate & Rename > Fix related to: ' sign saving

1.0.5 - 2nd December 2021

Added: Social Share Avatar on Single Listing Page, User Page etc
Added: Blog > Widget Tags > new settings
Added: Social Share - Share via WhatsApp (below 1024px)
Added: Social Share - Share via Messanger (below 1024px)
Added: Current Package Page - when you click the package you are redirected to "Add Listing Form"
Added: Map Search - "Advanced Map Settings" > "Marker Clustering"
Improved: You can register very short usernames
Fix: Front-end Panel > Editing Listings do not save data correctly
Fix: Menu Transparent + Sticky - style conflict

1.0.4 - 30th November 2021

Added: Blog Cards: Display Author ON/OFF
Added: Blog Cards: Excerpt ON/OFF
Added: Blog Cards: Publish Date ON/OFF
Added: Blog Cards: Display Read More Button ON/OFF
Fix: Pending Emails Sending Problem
Fix: Phone widget displayed on user page even if use has not phone added

1.0.3 - 29th November 2021

Fix: Add Listing - "Adding location" not save correctly when clicking on the map
Fix: Add Listing - Price Fields set to "Required" blocks the submit form
Fix: Listivo Panel > Monetization - removing package was impossible

1.0.2 - 28th November 2021

Fix: Sort by function 
Fix: Add Listing Form: Price / Video fields not saved correctly

1.0.1 - 26th November 2021

Added: Listivo Updater - update theme automatically
Improved: Homepage Hover Effects on Mobile
Improved: Icons on some WooCommerce Checkout buttons
Improved: Stripe WooCommerce Checkout Mobile Styles

1.0.0 - 25th November 2021

Initial release