The Listivo WordPress Theme ( ) allows creating of a fantastic website. This article is dedicated to people who have already installed Listivo. If you haven't done it yet, please check this article.

1. Import Demo Content

It is always essential to import demo content first. It includes many ready-to-use pages, sample custom fields, and setting that speed up the development process. Demo content is ultra-light and easy to remove before launching if some part of it you do not need.

2. Discover Listivo Panel

Listivo Panel is very flexible and it allows you to customize Listivo to your website needs. Take your time and discover the options that the theme provides. You do not need to change anything now. Just take an overview of what the product offers and follow the following steps.

3. Listivo Panel > Basic Setup

Here you will find the most important and global options including:

Your Logo

Your  Homepage

Your  Public Email    

Your  Public Phone    

Your  Public Address    

Your  Copyright Notice

4. Listivo Panel > Menu

Here you will find all menu settings.

5. Listivo Panel > Features

The features tab contains some adds and message system settings.

6. Listivo Panel > Search

The search tab allows you to adjust the serch form to your neads.

7. Listivo Panel > Monetization

Do you want to earn when users submit listings? If so please enable this module and when users will submit listing will have a chance to purchase a page like this

More information about monetization - Monetization Systems – WooCommerce Payments Gateways

8. Listivo Panel > SEO

The SEO tab improves the optimization process of your website's technical configuration.

9. Listivo Panel > Google Maps

Listivo is fully integrated with Google Maps. Get your Google API Key and display listings on the map and allow for searching via the Location field.

You can also choose as a provider Open Street Map.

10. Listivo Panel > Socials

If you use social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc., you can set them all in one place.

11. Listivo Panel > Currency

The currency is one of the most important settings. On this tab you can set all information you need.

12. Listivo Panel > Numbers

The separators are very important to adjust the visibility of numbers for customers. Here you can set Decimal and Thousands separators.

13. Listivo Panel > Other

On this tab you will find three handy options. Here you can remove the demo importer from the menu - this option prevents accidental import, which will wipe your entire database. You can also disable the Help Button and set an option that automatically deletes images from your database.