Listivo is already a great and flexible product, but we want to make it totally the best solution on the market. This article was created to give you an overview of all our ideas and plans about Listivo. These plans may change but we will do our best to keep the most accurate information here.

Design System Integration

In the near future, we plan to add many new demos. Demos will be dedicated to different niches e.g. Real Estate or Automotive. To make it possible we need to build a "Design System" that will allow us to easily extend the product. You will have a special tab with "Global styles" that allows you to changed fonts, colors on all sections/pages at the same time:

Thanks to this Design System, new demos will have more diverse styles (colors, fonts) but also at the same time product will be very consistent.

Sample Listivo Automotive Demo Hero Section Done Via "New Design System"

Sample General Demo Hero Section Done Via "New Design System"

Sample Listivo Real Estate Demo Homepage done via "New Design System"

After finishing developing "Design System" and new demos we plan to add more technical options to the product. Below we present a list of Listivo top priority todo list

  • WooCommerce / Monetization
    • User "My Order Page" with purchase history and integrated invoice system
    • Administrator "Orders Page" - admin can see all transactions and modify it
    • New Checkout experience to increase the number of sales your website have
    • Refresh / Boost Ads option
  • Map Search - more map providers and options related to other providers than Google Maps
  • Listivo Panel - Dedicated Tab - SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Compare Listings Module
  • Flexible User Roles and User Fields
  • Custom Listings Fields: Plans, Price List, Open Hours, Link, Phone, Email
  • Search Results Dynamic Pagination - Load More Button

During working on all the above options we also in the same time plan to:

  • fix all bugs our clients find and report
  • add many small options to the widgets (e.g. new styling controls) to make the product more flexible

We hope you will like all the changes and they will bring you a lot of value. Our main goal is to provide the most flexible, easy-to-use product on the market related to listings/directory/classified ads. Currently, the engine is very innovative and very good but there is always room for improvement and we plan to work a lot to make it even better.

Thank you for reading this road map. You are always welcome to send your feedback via - we would love to hear what you are thinking about changes. If you want to help us, please rate Listivo 5-star if you already own it. It will help us develop products with more options and demos.  You can do it here: . Thank you in advance.