If you do not plan to modify theme files ( e.g. css / php / js file ) you do not need to use Child Theme. 

Using Child Theme is recommended way to modify any free or premium WordPress Theme files. It allows you to keep future update compatibility. It is highly not recommended to modify any theme original files e.g. /wp-content/themes/listivo/ because you will loose your customized files if you update theme. Please keep all changes in the Listivo Child Theme so you can benefit from future updates and fixes.


How to download ListivoChild Theme?

1. Please visit your downloads page at Themeforest:


2. Choose all files & documentation

3. Unzip it and you will see listivo-child.zip file:

4. Please go Appearance > Themes

5. Click Add new 

6. Choose your file and click “Install Now”

7. Activate the child theme

How to use it for file modification?

1. CSS

Add any new CSS rule into your wp-content/themes/listivo-child/style.css file. It will overwrite the old rules in the listivo/style.css


2. PHP

You need to copy the original file e.g. /wp-content/themes/listivo/templates/widgets/model/listing_address.php and paste it into /wp-content/themes/listivo-child/templates/widgets/model/listing_address.php

This way the new file will be loaded instead of the original one. This example changes single listing “Address”

3. JS Files

JS files need to be dequeue and enqueue – you can read more about it here.