To enable the "Share on Facebook" feature with an image (as shown in the example below), you need to provide your Facebook APP ID in the Listivo Panel.

For instance, when you visit any listing link like and click on the "Share on Facebook" button

Facebook should suggest an image. 

Please follow the steps outlined below to set this up:

1. Visit the Facebook Developers page at 

2. Click on "Create App" or "Add a New App".

3. Fill in the name of your new app and provide your email address.

4. After your app is created, copy the "App ID".

5. Navigate to Listivo Panel > Basic Setup > Facebook API and paste the "App ID".

Important Note: If in the past you shared a link on Facebook without a featured image, Facebook might still display it without the image. To update this, you need to use Facebook's debugging tool to "scrape" the link again. You can do this by visiting: 

The Facebook debugging tool allows you to update the information Facebook uses when displaying shared links from your site. By entering your URL and clicking "Scrape Again", Facebook will retrieve the most recent information from your site, including the featured image.