1. Visit Facebook For Developers Page



2. Click “Create App

3. Select “Build Connected Experiences” and click “Continue

4. Add “App Display Name” and click “Create App

5. Click “Set Up” next to “Facebook Login

6. Click WWW – Web

7. Add your Site URL – please remember to add http or https e.g.

8. Copy your OAuth Redirect URI from Listivo Panel > User Panel

9. Paste this link to Facebook Login > Settings > Valid OAuth Redirect URIs

10. Paste APP ID and APP Secret to Listivo Panel

A. Copy From Settings > Basic

B. Add to Listivo Panel > User Panel > Facebook

11. Done. You can test it now via your Facebook account you used to create Facebook APP. If you wish to make it Live and allow any Facebook User to use it:

A. (1) add privacy policy link and (2) and contact link

B. Switch it to Live

12. The good idea is also to upload App Icon (e.g. logo) – it will be visible when user is redirected to Facebook to confirm registration