How it works and how to configure

You can use Monetization System to earn on your website. It will be displayed like this in the user panel or at the end of the process of adding listing:

As you can see above, each package has:

  • Name
  • Price
  • Listings – how many listings can be added via this package
  • Duration (days)
  • Featured (days)

After selecting the package and clicking “Next” the user will be redirected to checkout to pay

How to configure

1. Visit Listivo Panel > Monetization

2. Listivo will ask you to install WooCommerce Plugin if you do not have it yet

3. Firstly, in this section you configure “Add for Free” option. It looks like this

4. Then you can create a “free package”. It is a package your user will receive when newly registered. 

The main difference between “Add for Free” and “Free Package” is that “Add for free is unlimited” and “Free package" (register section) can be configured to use it e.g. 1 time.

5. Scroll down and configure Payment Packages

You can edit or add new “Payment Packages

6. Install any Payment Gateway and follow the documentation to configure

You can find payment gateways here:

- WordPress Repository (free):

- WooCommerce Extensions (free & paid):

- CodeCanyon (paid):


It is also always worth searching Google – “Your Payment Gateway Name + WooCommerce Getaway Name” e.g. woocommerce payment gateways because the online payments system often has more than 1 addon.

Sample documentation that shows how to configure Payment Gateway via Stripe (used on our demo) –