Listivo themes typically include "Log in | Register" links within the menu. 

You can toggle this feature on or off through the Listivo Panel by navigating to Menu > User Menu. If you deselect this option, the links will no longer appear on your website's menu.

Here are more details about managing this feature:

The "Register" link only appears if registration is enabled in the Listivo Panel under User Panel > Registration

By default, both "Login" and "Register" links direct users to the same page, which includes a widget with two tabs for login and registration. However, you can create separate pages for login and registration using Elementor. For example, create a new Elementor page titled "Register," add the "Login & Register" widget, and set the type to "Register" to avoid displaying tabs.

Finally, specify the new pages for your menu redirects (where the login and register links go) in the Listivo Panel under Advanced > Login Page and Register Page.